Robby Hale

Basketball/Tennis Recruiting Agent

From the young age of 5, Alessandra Bonte always competed in high-level competitive tennis. At the age of 12, Alessandra decided she wanted to take her tennis to the next level and moved from Paris, France to IMG/Bollettieri Tennis Academy in Bradenton, Florida where she dedicated her days to becoming the best tennis player she could be and travelling the world for ITF junior tournaments.  The hard work paid off, as she reached the final rounds of these tournaments, even making the finals and beating players that were top 10 and top 50 at the world junior level.  After spending three years at IMG, Alessandra moved back to France where she improved her ranking by eight French ranking levels due to the progress she had made at IMG.  During the course of her training in the last two years of high school, Alessandra reached a top ranking of -2/6 in France and got her first WTA point by qualifying and winning a round in a $10,000 future.  She was immediately recruited by several universities including the USF women’s tennis program (ranked top 20) for a full scholarship to play college tennis.  Alessandra chose USF to play her four years and graduated with honors from high school.  In her freshman year in 2011, her tennis team received an award from the Big East conference for being the All-Academic team of the year.  Later on that same fall, her team was recognized as having the highest overall GPA in the USF Athletic Department. Finally, Alessandra and her team reached the Big East Conference final three times and won the American Athletic Conference championship title in her senior year. Alessandra has become a huge asset to JZ Sports, and possesses all the qualities to help our student-athletes achieve their goals. 

Alessandra Bonte


Athletic College Planning and Placement

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Robby Hale has always embraced the competition of sports. Growing up in Mobile, Alabama, he played whatever sport was in season, which included tennis, football, basketball, baseball, soccer, and golf. At the age of 10, Robby decided to devote his focus to basketball and participated in AAU basketball leagues; he traveled throughout the country playing in competitive basketball tournaments. Robby attended the University of Alabama, majoring in biology and minoring in business. While at the University of Alabama, Robby had a brief stint with the University of Alabama Football team in 2012; he ended up walking away from competitive sports after seven knee operations. Robby made the transition from playing to coaching, and in 2013 joined the University of Hawaii men’s basketball staff as the head manager. He assisted in scouting reports, game film, and numerous other tasks. Robby joins the team to share his knowledge of the game, and to help anyone interested in playing a collegiate sport reach their goal.



​Jason Zafiros has always been involved with sports. From the time he was a child, he played baseball, soccer, basketball and tennis. By the age of 13 he realized his passion for competitive tennis. For the next 8 years he devoted his energies to academic excellence and competitive tennis in the juniors and throughout his college career. During his teen years, he attended the IMG/Bollettieri Tennis Academy where he was offered the opportunity to compete as well as to travel extensively. His hard work earned him the ranking of top 100 in the world. He graduated from the academy with honors and received the prestigious IMG Andre Agassi Award. This award is bestowed upon the most outstanding student-athlete. Jason was a top college prospect and was a top 20 blue chip recruit. Upon graduation, after considering a number of offers from various academic institutions,

Jason committed to The University of Arizona. During his freshman year, he had an outstanding record of 18 wins and one loss. While with the Wildcats, he was  named student-athlete of the month and nominated for PAC12 player of the week. After three years at U.A., Jason transferred to Florida State University. Shortly thereafter, he was named Sr. Captain of the team and academically made the Dean’s list. Jason was also honored by being placed on the ACC Academic Honor Roll. During his college career, Jason recorded a compelling record of 104 match wins.Throughout Jason’s tennis career, he has made many friends and has built relationships with numerous people in the sports world. During his travels, Jason realized there were many young boys and girls who are extremely talented in their sport, but do not know how to reach out to college coaches. He also noted that there were not many organizations that could provide the services required. Jason saw a need for someone to fill this void. Thus, he founded JZ Sports. Jason is extremely passionate, as well as committed to helping young athletes achieve a fine education while being able to play the sport they love.