​​​When does the the recruiting process start?"
The recruiting process can start as early as the 8th grade. College coaches are recruiting at a very young age. It is extremely important not to wait too long. Its never too soon to start planning for your future.

"My coach told me he/she can get me a scholarship, is this true?"
This might be true. However, sometimes coaches are limited in what schools they have relationships with. The recruiting process is all about having numerous options to choose from. There is also much more to the recruiting process than your scholarship offer.

"Is it enough for my parents and I to contact the coaches of the schools I am interested in?"
This is better than not contacting them at all. However, the benefit of having an outside source is for credibility. Having another party negotiate your scholarship has more value.

"What are official visits, and how many can I get?"
Official visits are paid for by the university in order for the potential student-athlete to visit the campus. The NCAA allows the university to pay for flight, transportation, food, lodging etc. Official visits are only allowed after the opening day of classes in your Senior year. The NCAA allows up to 5 total official visits per student athlete. An unofficial visit is not paid for by the University and can be taken by the family and the student-athlete in order to see the campus. This can occur before the student-athlete's Senior year.

"What type of school am I qualified for?"
Playing Division 1 on a full scholarship is extremely difficult. Less then 1 percent of all college athletes are on a Division 1 full scholarship. Almost 2,000 universities offer scholarships outside of division 1. The other divisions include Division II, III, NAIA, and junior college. Your college advisor will have a good understanding about your talent level and where you should be placed.

Is it mandatory to take the TOEFL if I am an international student-athlete?
Yes. International students must take the TOEFL, unless you are a resident or U.S citizen.

"Are academics important?"
Academics are extremely important in order for the student-athlete to attend a university. Being a college athlete is extremely competitive, and academics might be the reason you get on a team over someone else. Academics are also important because good grades can award you an academic scholarship, if you do not receive an athletic one. 

"What is the National Letter of Intent?"
The National Letter of Intend is a contract the the student-athlete has with the chosen university. This contract is for one year, and can be renewed after each season.

What is the NCAA Eligibility Center?
This is mandatory for Division I and II athletes to complete the proper paperwork in order to be eligible. The NCAA Eligibility Center registers each student-athlete with the NCAA, and takes care of Amateur Status, as well as SAT/ACT scores. JZ Sports athletic college planning and placement will assist with this process.

Can I still be recruited if I am home schooled?
Yes. However, getting known by college coaches is very important. It is your agency's job to get you known by the coaches. 

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