Athletic College Planning and Placement

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We are not like any other college placement company, we will go that extra mile to make sure that you get into a university where you are 100% satisfied and more importantly happy. We know how crucial it is for each student to attend the university that suits them the best. Not only will your college experience build your foundation as a person, but it will also guide you in the right direction on the path to success. All we ask is that you study hard and focus on your sport while we use all of our necessary tools to find a home that suits each and every one of you.

In the fall of 2013, there was a new record high of about 21.8 million students enrolling in American universities and colleges. The number is expected to grow anually which makes it more competitive to attend the top schools in the country. Out of the 21.8 million students that enrolled, only 420,000 play sports, which is about  2% of the enrollment. It is becoming more and more difficult to enjoy the privilege of being a student-athlete while attending a university. At the same time, due to this increasing demand, the universties and colleges make it more challenging every year for a student to attend. At JZSports we understand the increasing demand, which is why we help our student-athletes get into the university of their choice and have the college experience they always dreamed about. 



JZ Sports provides a service unlike any other college recruiting firm in the country. We help high school athletes take their game to the next level by assisting in placing them in the college of their choice. Our goal is to have our student-athletes feel at home with whichever university they select. At JZ Sports we build relationships that last a lifetime, we are a family.